A Spell to Ward off the Darkness (2013)
March 23, 2014 (Sun) - 7:00pm, Harvard Film Archive

Special co-presentation with The DocYard and the Harvard Film Archive. Ben Russell will be present for a Q&A!

One of the most anticipated films of 2013, this feature-length meditation on one’s place in the contemporary world follows Robert A.A. Lowe’s protagonist as he drifts from an anarchist Estonian commune to the deep solitude of Finnish forests to a grimy Norwegian bar where he leads a neopagan black metal band. Scored by Lowe’s hypnotic compositions, filmed in natural northern European light on Super 16mm and directed by two maestros of quietly observed transcendence, this film is set to captivate the senses as well as the mind. This program was made possible with support from the Film Study Center and the Sensory Ethnography Lab.


A Spell to Ward off the Darkness, 2013, 95 minutes, video