Expanded Cinema: Apparatus and Methodology workshop with Alex MacKenzie
April 23, 2016 (Sat) - 12:00pm, AgX Film Collective (144 Moody St. Building 18 Waltham)

In this workshop, media artist Alex MacKenzie will present an in-depth examination at the original engine of expanded cinema: the projector. Specifically, participants will explore how to utilize 16mm projection devices in ways that extend their potential and subvert their functionality. Discussion and examination of the various elements of projection, including the lamp, lens, focal plane, film gate, shutter, motor,  and screen will all be explored with live examples and an up-close, hands-on approach. The work of contemporary media artists, as well as historically significant ones, will be discussed. Participants will be given the opportunity to try out various techniques, and will leave with a better understanding of how these elements work both separately and in tandem, demystifying the primary instrument of the motion picture.

Please RSVP to stefan@agxfilm.org to reserve a spot - space is limited to 10 participants. No prior experience required.